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I want to share with you the single most effective lead generating strategy that we’ve discovered for our own business this year.

It’s a super simple Facebook Ads strategy that you can use straight away and well, it just plain works.

Let me explain.

There are three stages of running Facebook ads, I’m going to show you what those stages are, and then I’ll walk you through all three of them.

Now bear with me, because I tried to use some gardening analogies here…

Stage One is called ‘Sowing Your Seeds’

Stage Two is called ‘Pricking Out’ (yes that is a real gardening term!)

Stage Three (this is where the gardening analogies ran out) is called ‘Firing Up The Quattro’.

(If you’re familiar with the TV show Ashes to Ashes, then you’ll understand that little reference)

Before we go too deep into those stages you need to also be aware that there are THREE main components that are part of any successful Facebook ad.

Component #1: The Image

Component #2: The Copy (the words in the ad)

Component #3: The Headline

Now, here’s a fact for you:

There are two ways to run Facebook Ads.

Way #1 is the hard way and this is the way that most people do it. You might recognise this way if you’ve run Facebook ads before. We try and figure it all out ourselves and here’s what I mean…

Most people create a single Facebook ad.

They create a single image, write some copy and a headline, stick some budget on it and they cross their fingers and hope it works.

Then, most of the time, it totally bombs.

It doesn’t make any sales, they don’t get any leads and they’re left thinking “Facebook Ads don’t work for me”.

Now, the reason that one single ad didn’t work is because you tried to do it all yourself.

The trick is to take a step back and let Facebook do most of the work for you.

You see, Facebook has spent tens of millions of pounds on their algorithm.

(that’s the little computer programme that actually tells Facebook who to show your ads to)

And to make sure that the algorithm actually works for us, we need to understand how those original three stages of Facebook Ads work…

…remember, Sowing Your SeedsPricking Out and Firing Up The Quattro.

Let me walk you through them.

Let’s start with the Sowing Your Seeds phase.

Instead of just creating one single ad, we create several.

So we don’t just write one version of our ad copy, we don’t just create one image, we don’t put all of our eggs in one basket.

What we do is create three different pieces of copy…

….then we create three different images and (you guessed it)…

…we have three different headlines.

Three versions of each component of our ad.

Then we combine them and we create ads for every possible variation.

So we end up with 3 x 3 x 3… that’s 27 ads instead of just one and we split our advertising budget across those 27 ads, at least for the first couple of weeks.

Now what’s going to happen is the Facebook algorithm (with a scientific, mathematical process), throws all of these ads against the wall.

Some will work.

Most of them won’t.

But that’s ok!

We don’t need them all to work because this initial stage, this Sowing our Seeds stage, is just about finding WHICH of our ad variations people respond to.

Which leads us on to the second stage of Facebook Ads…

Pricking Out (yes, still a gardening term!)

What happens here is we give it a few days, maybe a week or two and we have a look at what’s happening with our ads.

We pull up the results in Facebook’s Ads Manager and we can see which of our 27 ads are working and which are not.

I promise you, when you do this, you will be amazed at the difference between the ones that work the ones that don’t.

Here’s an example to really hammer this home:

These two ads both have the same copy and headline. The only different between them is the image, yet the ad on the left brought in 106 leads at a cost of just £1.34 each, whereas the one on the right only brought in 12 leads at a cost of £14.69 per lead.

The ad on the left would be a big success for us if that was the only ad we’re running, but the one on the right, that would be a disaster and the only difference in them is the image!

Imagine if you’d only run one ad on Facebook and it was the one on the right.

You could have very easily come to the conclusion, “Oh Facebook ads don’t work, we’ve wasted a lot of money.”

But all you had to do was change the image.

So what we do now is we look at the ones that are clearly not working out of our 27 and we prick them out, we turn them off.

We don’t want to waste money on ads that don’t work.

Now our job now is to take the ads that did work and expand them, to scale them up and this is where we ‘Fire Up The Quattro’.

We start adding more budget to the ones that are already working.

Let’s say we had two ads that worked really well out of the 27, well now we’re going to take our ad budget and put it all into these two proven ads instead of spreading it across 27.

Effectively what we’ve done is we’ve spent a little money, just a couple of hundred pounds on this test, we’ve let Facebook tell us what works, and now we can scale up the ads that work because we’re not guessing anymore.

These ads are proven to work.

This is the exact technique that we use in our office and for our clients to find winning Facebook ad combinations.

It removes almost all of the risk out of running Facebook ads and makes the whole process just so much easier to get results!

So give it a go.

Sow Your Seeds.

Prick Out the underperforming ads…

… and then Fire Up The Quattro.

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